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In accordance with applicable law, parcels from abroad are not taxed for parcels whose value does not exceed 200 euros (individual parcels, no time limit). A customs duty of 15% is imposed on exceeding this amount - thus, if the parcel has a value of 500 euros, the recipient will be forced to pay (500-200) * 0.15 = 45 euros of customs duty. There is also a weight limit for packages. For each kilogram over 31 kg of the permitted weight, the recipient will have to pay 2 euros per 1 kg.

Similar rules apply in the Republic of Belarus, however, the limit on the cost and weight of parcels sent together during one calendar month to one recipient - an individual is 200 euros and 31 kg, but a one-time rate for one shipment of 22 euros and 10 kg remains.

Parcels worth more than 22 euros are subject to 15% customs duty in excess of this limit and a customs fee of 5 euros is paid. Thus, having received a parcel worth 50 euros from abroad, you will be forced to pay ((50-22) * 0.3) + 5 = 9.20 euros of customs duty.

The parcel weight limit is 10 kg. For every kilogram of parcel weight over this limit, a customs duty of 2 euros will be charged and a customs fee of 5 euros will be paid. That is, for one parcel weighing 12 kg, the amount of customs payments will be ((12-10) * 2) + 5 = 9 euros.

If the one-time and / or monthly shipping rates are exceeded, customs duties are paid in the amount of the larger of the amounts.

Recipients in Ukraine will have to pay value added tax on parcels from abroad if the total value of the goods in the parcel exceeds 100 euros. If this limit is exceeded, a payment will be charged: 20% VAT and 10% duty. For example, you received a parcel worth 140 euros from abroad. In this case, the customs duty in the amount of (140-100) * 0.1 = 4 euros will be charged. Additionally, VAT will be calculated in the amount of (140-100) * 0.2 = 8 euros.

In Georgia, a limit on free import of parcels is fixed at 300 lari (around 180 USD) per package from one sender. Packages with declared value over this limit are charged 18% VAT for the excessive value.

So, if you have received a package from eBay worth $1,500, and a package worth $150 from Amazon the same day, you will have to pay (1500-180) * 0.18 = 238 USD customs duties. You will not have to pay taxes for the package from Amazon in this case.

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