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Package delivery to anywhere in the world

Post Service Company is the market’s leader since 2013. More than 3,000 customers have appreciated our services; we have processed over 45,000 parcels, receiving and forwarding them efficiently and timely. The numbers grow larger every day!

Individual approach to every client, legal and transparent business model, high professional qualities of our employees and extensive experience in logistics distinguish our company among the competitors. Our warehouses and offices are located in Italy, where the legislation and international mail traffic are best for us and our customers. Post Service Company has organized and optimized business processes in a way that makes the cost of our services as affordable as possible: usually, we offer better shipment terms and price than the seller on eBay or Amazon.

We take responsibility for all aspects of the forwarding and delivery: negotiation with the sender (vendor), tracking of parcels, customs clearance and other procedures, duties, fees and other expenses. We hire best trucking companies to deliver your parcels: DHL, TNT, EMS and others, according to your choice.

The benefits of professional logistics are now available not only to enterprise sector, but also to you, our customers! With help of Post Service you can send and receive your parcels conveniently, fast and securely. We are the professionals in forwarding and delivery. When people need to deliver or receive a parcel, they use our service!

The experience of the Post Service Group company in organizing quick and inexpensive parcel delivery to any part of the world is more than 4 years. We deliver goods not only from hand to hand, but also from Internet sites. Especially popular in Italy is a courier call service at home. You save time and money, as you save yourself from having to transport the package to the warehouse. Our courier will pick up the cargo prepared for shipment from the customer, regardless of what region of Italy he is in. The next stage is sending the parcel to anywhere in the world according to the recipient’s address.

The process of delivery of goods from Italy to other countries is carried out in this way: To use the courier call service at home, you must fill out a form on our website. The basic data that you need to specify is: name, surname, patronymic of the sender, city, street, house number, where the courier must pick up the package, number of seats, and so on. All information is indicated in Italian. You can also order the service by phone. The package is packed, and then the address, the name of the recipient and his phone number are indicated, in the language of the country to which the package is addressed. The courier must have with him the documents for the parcel escort.

At the warehouse of Post Service Group, the product is being prepared for shipment. We make out CN 23 and assign a track code to track the package on our website. Then, we calculate the cost of the services provided and invoice the client.

The client can pay for the services of the company through Paypal or by direct transfer to a bank account.

We also ship small postal items throughout Italy. Post Service Group sets affordable prices for its services.

Post Service Group specializes in dealing with the accumulation, warehousing and shipping of small mail items from Italy to any countries. The advantages, as well as the main prerequisites for the effective work of the company are:

  • fast delivery of parcels in compliance with previously agreed deadlines;
  • reasonable prices for services plus discounts for regular customers; round-the-clock service;
  • our services include pick up the parcel by courier, which will save you from having to spend time delivering cargo to the warehouse;
  • organization of optimal conditions for warehousing and storage of goods;
  • individual and reliable packaging of parcels;
  • tracking the process of shipment worldwide;
  • effective negotiation with stores and other necessary actions.

The policy of our company is based on an individual approach to each client. Post Service Group offers storage services for incoming parcels at no extra charge for 30 days. The company operates in accordance with the laws of Italy. To experience all the benefits of working with a reliable partner, do not reassign sending the parcel to other companies. Trust the professionals.

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