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Post Service Company specializes in reception, warehousing and delivery of international mail. Using our site, you can track your parcels, group them and forward them to any region of the world, minimizing your time and money spendings.

We provide the following services:

  • Reception and delivery of parcels by courier at any address.
  • Keeping track of your mail worldwide, in all phases of shipment.
  • Reception and warehousing of mail and goods.
  • Individual parcel packing.
  • Warehouse consolidation and mail forwarding all around the world.
  • Negotiation with sellers.
  • Monitoring and managing your parcels using your account on our site.
  • Other services.

Our logistics center is located in Italy, which allows us efficiently receiving and delivering parcels from all major commercial Internet sites, such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, ASOS and others, for our clients. We have special affordable delivery terms for our customers who are residents of the CIS member countries.

Flexible service system allows us optimizing our services to each client’s individual needs. Complete transparency of our services helps you conveniently monitoring and managing your parcels.

Post Forwarding - a simple and convenient way to deliver your products from online stores and auctions to your door

Our advantages

Low prices

Low prices for transportation of your parcel.

Fast shipping

Fast delivery anywhere in the world.

Quality services

Quality services for transportation.

Individual approach

Individual approach to each client.

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