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Package delivery to anywhere in the world

  1. Prepare the box to fit (the sum of the three sides should not exceed 210 cm). Pack fragile items more securely. Don't leave a void.
  2. Pre-weigh the parcel. Leave 200 g for additional packaging and a set of documents (on home scales, it is desirable to underweight at least 500 g).
  3. The parcel, seal with tape on all sides, sign, address and description:

    • on the left - the sender's address (in Latin letters),
    • on the right - the recipient's address (in Cyrillic) and a description of the contents inside the box (quantity and cost).
  4. Cover the address and inventory on the box with a sheet of white paper and sign "PER POST SERVICE".
  5. Order a fence from your home, send it to our warehouse yourself, or take it to the receiving point. 
  6. When picking up from the house, please note that the courier does not accept payment, but only picks up the box. There is no lift to the floor. The arrival of calls in citofono, not on mobile.
  7. Upon arrival of the parcel at our warehouse, we will issue an invoice and give you the track code (we send the information via WhatsApp).
  8. Pay the bill at the Italian post office or at the bank (send us the receipt).
  9. Track your shipment by tracking number on the website: postservicegroup.com
  10. When you receive a parcel, you must check the box for damage, check the contents and weight in the presence of postal workers.
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